An underground movement founded on electronic dance music and a utopian vision, the global phenomenon is known as rave culture has proven a well-spring of some wildly innovative graphic design. This valuable sourcebook, featuring the very best examples of club flyers created to promote raves, is unrivaled in documenting the distinctive visual style of the American techno scene. The book provides a brief overview of the history of the American rave scene, explores how graphic sensibilities vary regionally, and chronicles the progression of styles, forms, and means of production in flyer design, from crude photocopy to extravagant five-color foldout. Artistically inspiring, this book is also a record of the parties themselves, as the flyers include dates, locations, and names of DJs, bands, promoters, and sponsors.
The Earth Program is a New York-based multimedia firm that owns two record labels, produces rave events, and specializes in high-tech graphic design.
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