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We’re having various little events at the space

Post No Bills Issue 2

Party for the fanzine release issue 2 “Post No Bills” by Tyler Exum and Alex Loukopoulos

Post No Bills Premiere Issue

Party for the fanzine release “Post No Bills” by Tyler and Alex

photos Samantha Bobbio and Anselm Dästner 

Twenty Paintings by Anna Sauer

Twenty Paintings is the first New York solo show from Anna Sauer, a visual artist based Santa Fe. In this new work, Sauer preserves traces of her dreams on an intimate scale which seep through the paper, leaving ghosts at every turn. The work is both archetypal and immediate, a colorful juxtaposition of snarled nightmares, juicy patterns and luminous flesh. Anna Sauer studied performance art, painting, and art history at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received her BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Influenced by mysticism, psychology, and botany, she creates ethereal worlds where relationships are built and fall apart simultaneously. 

Opening Sept 1, 5:30–8,

Dante’s t‑shirts

printing t‑shirts

silkscreen workshop

the whole process from transferring a design to acetate, screen, and print.

Reuben Shaw of Oxblood Zebra

Pop-up store with custom tailored suits


Reuben Shaw of Oxblood Zebra

on display

custom-tailored suits,

Joachim Marx


The show is on view from May 6th until May 29th. Hours are Saturday and Sunday 12–6, and by appointment.
CRASH : FIGURES is inspired by bike riding in NYC and the crashed cars at the auto body shops around my studio.

The show is made possible by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council with Creative Engagement funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, funds from the NYS Council on the Arts and with support from Transportation Alternatives. Crash data by crashmapper.


Joachim Marx

Gallery opening

May 6th, 5–8pm

Jack Carden

event for his US tour


Anti-artist Jack Carden


prints, original art, posters

Studio Anselm Dästner

studio space

Several openings have been hosted since moving into the new studio space at 618, including pop-ups, gallery shows, and small parties. We try to show neighborhood artists and give back to the community and our friends.