Sun, April 2 & Sun, April 30
12–3 pm, have coffee
with me and 9 new drawings of NYC
Ninth Street Espresso
(on 10th st btw B & C)
Thanks Mark from Adjacent To Life

It’s with great pleasure that I get to show you my paintings at Ninth Street Espresso. Since they are mostly from around the Lower East Side they fit perfectly into our favorite neighborhood coffee shop and many of my neighbors will pass by them.
I have always been drawing while traveling, and while my daughter was as a baby I found myself walking around the Lower East Side with a baby sling. In it, she was taking afternoon naps and I continued drawing the street corners that we passed.
At night I would continue to color the drawings with watercolor and acrylics. They are often combining 2 parts from different spots. I.e The corner deli is on 2nd ave and the house above it is in Houston. In front of the facades of Broadway is a construction that was for a long time on Houston Street.
The drawings will be up until April 30, 2017.