Sorry, we got kicked out eventually (x‑mas day) due to a rent hike that would have almost doubled my rent, and it would have been month-to-month with an aggressive and intimidating broker Sam (that took pictures of me without asking) looking for even more rent.
We are sorry to not have the office on 64 Allen Street anymore. it was a beautiful space with a really great group of creative people and surrounded by new artwork every day.
But with some more people leaving, the steep rent-hike, and the short-term certainty it didn’t make sense and now we are packing up. 

Sharing the space with two amazing illustrators, and a filmmaker, it’s going to be creative!
(btw: we’re still looking to find one more person to rent a table here. someone creative and enjoying an environment of artists, illustrators, and graphic design, teachers, no promoters this time :))