This is the door-hack next-level post which you will see if you click through the pictures. Initially, there were four doors from Sara’s, now defunct, sniff, studio. that great old New York loft space on Allen Street. Two of the doors were cut shorter to fit the narrower space in the 9th street ‘railroad’ office. The rest pieces became the bottom shelves for the kitchen counter, and the 3rd door became the counter and top shelf. It’s super-low weight and low cost (the drywall anchors and the 2x3s cost about $30). I wouldn’t advise to table dance on it, but it’s very stable otherwise.

I am not sure how to attract customers to ring the bell to check out the shirts and carts, but maybe we need a sign and some more things to sell. 9th street is not about selling things, and I just want people to stop and look and, it’s just fantastic to have a street store, got to use. Let me know what you think, please. thank you!

Sidenote: the only one that rang the bell was telling me that Jesus is the son of god. I said, “Maybe, Amen and Namaste and Inshallah”; 9th street is a chapter in itself.