Pratt UX/UI classes Fall 2019

This is the Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon UX/UI class. We discuss why some websites work better than others, and why some look better than others too, how conventions make it easier and how to research and test conversions. For the first gib assignment, we re-designed a web page. Next, we study how a URL works on a server, and how to use HTML and CSS. After writing a concept and making mood boards for a simple webpage we build it using CSS grid and HTML, with some simple javaScript. For the last assignment, it’s a one-sheet for a future technology that we wish we could invent.


Wednesday morning class: Varun Mundra, Sabrina Yoo, Rachel Lee, Sean Williams, Emma Welch, Wendy Li, Scott Stegman, Cameron Aime, Phillip Yeldell, Daniel Herrera, Nikolai Glukhov, Nicole Schiulaz
Guest Speaker: Reid Hitt, Expand the Room
Thursday afternoon class: Ally L. Bechtold,  Alexander J.Caldwell, Jamie Edwards, Amber L. Garcia, Jean C. Gil, Claire M. Mason, Jassiel D. Philis, Bryan J. Willis, Candy Zhu, Mia Hong, Mofana Morojele
Guest Speaker: Reiko Sugitani, American Express Card

Students’ Work

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