Type Thursday in the New York Times

An article in the New York Times got Type Thursday quite hyped. There are 120 tickets sold for the next event. Ouch, it’s going to be crowded.
I was probably the first attendant of Type Thursday as I was early to meet Thomas Jockin at a dark Brooklyn bar. He had a pile of dribbble stickers as they were the first sponsor, I believe.
In Tokyo, I had attended many meet-ups to find new graphic design connections and jobs. After returning to New York when I saw this new typography event on meet-up, I was interested.
I showed some of my first typography posters and became a regular ever since, the collection of those posters has grown and often with critique and input of Type Thursday friends, Thank You so much! Next steps: find a place to exhibit them properly, make a fanzine, and sell some in sets or singles. there are about 10-15 prints of each.
We have made so many friends through TT, have published a yearbook, designed an exhibition for Farmingdale college, and I ave become good friends with many other regulars. As I say: “Type flies when you have fonts.”
And I am excited that Harrison, one of my former students, who I introduced to TT is quoted in the article. We’ll all see you on Thursday!
one thing before that, Japanese TV NHK was also at TT the next week:

photos by Julie Thompson


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