TheFactoryLIC Website and Brochure

MTG re-designed The Factory’s website and brochure.

The Factory is the old Macy’s warehouse which is converted into cool office spaces for medium-sized companies. It also holds a food court and gym, some gallery spaces, and a cool lobby with cafes. This project was a coloration with MTG. I re-designed The Factory’s website and brochure.

Extra-Credit-Question: Where am I hiding like Waldo in the background? As the poster boy for the Factory —apparently— I counted seven times on the website. I didn’t even start counting the instances in the brochure, yes, even on the cover. 🙂

It’s a pretty cool office building in Long Island City, the former Macy’s warehouse. I am excited to be doing a big chunk on the graphics with the team Megan, Amanda, Becca, and Digno at MarketingThruGraphics, and Anthony Wallace for some extra finicky programming.

Here is a link to the MTG portfolio, of which I designed large parts

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