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We have had the fortunate pleasure to be working on the Blu-ray production of The Adventures of Prince Achmed, which has gained a certain amount of fame, is really the first full-length animated film in the history of the cinema. It was produced between 1923 and 1926 in Germany by Lotte Reiniger.
Lotte Reiniger was born June 2, 1899, in Berlin-Charlottenburg, and is today regarded as the creator of the silhouette film. With more than forty silhouette films to her name — she died in Germany on June 19, 1981.
The Adventures of Prince Achmed’s negative was destroyed in the battle of Berlin, 1945. But the British Film Institute had made a second negative when the film was shown in London — and so — after a long period — the film being silent, was not to be shown but in 1972 a revival was planned.
After a painstaking process, the restoration was completed by the Frankfurt Filmmuseum and tinted and printed by L’immagine ritrovata in Bologna.

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