Once a week, I teach Philly Typography Three, Space and Time in Angela Riechers’ fantastic department at the University of the Arts (UArts). This class contains 15 in-person sessions of 3rd-year typography, one of which is a class trip to NYC with a visit to the Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design & Typography. Then, we return to my Lower East Side studio for a lovely lunch in the backyard. After lunch, we usually take the subway to the Poster House museum.
I’m looking forward to the next semester with all these wonderful people!




Typography Three

Gianna Allen, Zoe Caney, Sara Dotson, Grace Hochenberger, Alexa Luxmi Kennedy, Kiara Koerper-Williams, Emma Krajc, Gabriel Kunkle, Molly McKinstry, Greta Poglinco, Jesse Veasey

Cameron Ashmore, Ancil Austin, Miles Benson, Nicole Bittmann, Brian Greenwald, Giselle LeComte, Nicolle Marte, Julia Mateja, Trinity Medlock-Stephens, Lila Nathanson, Alex Pirani, Zakye Rothmiller, Burhan Sharif, Ashlyn Welsh, Iman Wiley, Lee Wright