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adapted from Ian Lynam
The vocabulary list is here
The printable PDF is here
Go out into your environment and document 20 examples of indigenous vernacular ephemera**. Use a camera, rubbings, sketch, or do whatever you have to do to capture the feeling of each thing.
Collect at least 12 samples of:


pictorial form

abstract form




Go home. Make visual form out of at least 30 of those examples and combine them into a large-scale composition. Vary the sizes to let the viewer’s eyes wander and form connections while giving clues of where we are, or even embed a message or statement.
Does it represent where you reside in some way? What might that mean to you? It’s even better if it has a story.
Tools: compose it using sketches, printouts, collages, photocopies, anything that can be tactile*** (don’t go straight to the computer). To experience composition and layout, it’s better to move pieces by hand and in size.
These examples are from an older website that I designed in flash. I redrew houses on Broadway, a Tokyo street, doors, and “space invaders” graffiti sightings in NYC, my roof… Your project will be a printed-out poster portfolio piece, not a website unless you are really good at coding.

*the language or dialect spoken by ordinary people in a particular country or region.
**Things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.
***touchable, material, physical object