Michal Sobkowiak is a pianist from Poland living, performing, and teaching in Tokyo, Japan.

He is famous for playing Chopin, which is also one of my favorite composers.

I met him after I had a Pecha Kucha presentation at Cafe Deluxe in Roppongi, Tokyo.

He became a great client, and I have done numerous flyers for his performances. The latest project is the Japan Jazz Pop Piano Competition (JJPP). I enjoy these design jobs because they need to be both outrageous and informative. In Japan, flyers always need to have a map with detailed directions. They usually contain a lot of information about what to expect at the event, biographies, and sponsors.

I remember one night I held a good-bye party at the house in Sasazuka, Tokyo. He arrived late and as always with a hand full of exciting friends. The house has a grand piano. Ida wanted to sleep, so he opened the grand piano’s lid and played only the strings. It was truly unique, but Ida woke up anyway.

logo for the Japan Jazz & Pop Piano competition (JJPP)


Michal Sobkoviak, pianist


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