Responsive Websites


Part of the new eScholastic are launched now:

I was mostly working on the UI for the accounts pages, which will hopefully launch soon

Corporate, Pharma, Business

as a freelance UI designer for agencies

and Pharma advertising at Juice:

Disney, Realty, Music Marketing, Energy

Produced by Rick Casey, joe Berinato, and Michael Rosen


Tunji Dada and Zolaykha Sherzad’s websites


over the course of 20 years, I have worked on plenty of Viacom websites

Music websites and Merchant websites

smaller websites for individual clients

MTG re-designed The Factory’s website and brochure.
Extra-Credit-Question: Where am I hiding like Waldo in the background? As the poster boy for the factory -apparently- I counted 7 times on the website, and didn’t even start counting the brochure, yes, even on the cover… 🙂
It’s a pretty cool office building in Long Island City, the former Macy’s warehouse. I am excited to be doing a big chunk on the graphics with the team Megan, Amanda, Becca and Digno at MarketingThruGraphics, and Anthony for some extra finicky programming.

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