One day my old high school friend Cyrill and his advertising agency in Munich calls me to ask if I would show them around in New York. They had completed a large account’s branding campaign so they had the resources to fly the entire office to New York to party for a few days. It was wild as far as I can remember. They regarded me as an alien and from then on hired me frequently to fly to Munich and be part of their team, i.e. an advertising campaign for Munich-based Denim fashion label Pash.
We came up with the theme that clothing is a form of protection, from people that check you out, temperature, and all sorts of rays, even future, un-explored, alien rays. In the present, we protected Wildlife, Noise, Research, Repetition, Limits, Addictions, Madness, and Communication.

an icon from teh fashion campaign, 
Anselm Dästner


d’Office, Munich, Germany for PASH Denim brand


advertising campaign, website, Point-of-Sales material

sketches and the website