5/3/21: guest Anuj Shresta

4/7/21: guest: Tundi Szasz, insta, linkedin, www.designlifewell.com, www.tundiszasz.com

: Kimberley Sampson, designed to create, a former student about how to succeed in interviews
03/17/21: Roy Morrison, photographer on how to take a good self-portrait


03/03/21: we needed writing help, we got answers, from Gabriel Don, writer, and creative writing coach, and teacher, thank you so much:

03/24/21: We were so blessed to meet with Shyama Golden and to hear her explain more about the ‘magical realism’ of her illustrations and her career. It was a big highlight of this Associate Degrees Pratt Institute course to have you as a guest. Thank you!

also, this is about her amazing work: Vimeo

Astrid Metta, Dana Baumgartner, Elle McNamara, Pete Gibson, Lucca Salomone, Klaude de Castro

02/17/21: guests: Samoel González and Mirko Velimirovic Iverson, good friends from TypeThursday.org

02/03/21: Illustrator and master’s class instructor John Jay Cabuay about how to make a living as an illustrator

02/10/21: Another really cool guest: Faride Mereb, Venezuelan editor and graphic designer, book designer, and all-out-awesome person: