135w50 marketing center

Working at MTG is a pleasure. Marilyn Miller and her team specialize in real estate marketing, mostly for large commercial or office buildings, and often in an upscale market with a proper marketing budget. One of my first projects at MTG were the layouts of these environmental floor graphics to advertise 300k SF. of empty office floors at 150 west 50th street in midtown.
In the office, my Creative Director Megan Grand’s job is similar to a flight traffic controller. She writes the proposals, coordinates the jobs with 3-5 designers, outside copy editors, and manages outside vendors like installers, printers, and photographers. I like that the pace of the projects is rather quick, and the scope of materials or styles is always changing, so it stays interesting. This would be the largest print I have ever done in terms of size. The floor graphics alone are more than 400 feet.

It’s important to get excited about every job. At first impression, this raw midtown office floor is a dusty, dull, uninspiring place. It will eventually house 450 chicken coops cubicles and sectional ceiling (…oh, what a feeling).
We wanted to give the realtors a path to guide them through some of the opportunities of this building. “Large block” openings with the possibility of a private lobby are rare and leases are often signed for as up to 30 years. Such an investment isn’t easily signed, so any tool to help prospective tenants to make that decision easier is an added value for the brokers.
Here is a link to the MTG portfolio, of which I designed large parts

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