a few examples:

Ibadan Records was founded 1995 in New York.
The logo combines the Nigerian national symbol of an antelope combined into a musical note and a stylized vinyl record.
Ibadan record’s earliest years of the acoustic, afro-tinged house to the Pan-African Electro of the 10″ series to the more recent explorations into Techno and TechHouse, the sound of Ibadan has always pioneered new directions in dance.

Apotheke means pharmacy in German. Mixing this with the word Techno is a prescription to a Berlin-style techno record label.
The images used are of white marble counters, old medicine bottle labels, prescription papers and the Rod of Asclepius, Greek medicine and health care symbol.

Desvio Records, also known as Slam Mode, NY house legends, on a more eclectic ambient note with their new label Desvio.

Water and jewelry elements mixed into a typeface.

time for some more corporate logo that was redesigned in cooperation with MTG.
This is the signage in the lobby:
Adams Logo

Oscar & Jessica Poche’s Media Service has been around for decades.
they organize events, promote record launches, Radio promotion, and music publishing. A NY institution.

BoyzandGirls, my old company designing flyers, posters, MTV websites…
When the promoters entered our home/office they would always say: “What’s up Boys and Girls”, that’s how the company was named.
you can see the Designer’s Republic influence I had at the time.

Monique Bingham’s Record label Bigga Sounds:
it’s deep house, with a big voice. Right now she is touring a lot in South Africa. Tour dates on the website www.moniquebingham.com (proudly designed by me)


href=”http://www.pitchcontrolmarketing.com/” target=”_blank”>Pitch Control:
Radio promotion for dance music. “If house was a nation, JoeB would be president”.

Recently I designed this logo for a philosopher’s website:

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