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Jerome Sydenham founded Ibadan Records in 1996, and I designed the brand and logo. The logo has abstracted the horns of an antelope, Nigeria’s national symbol, and a musical note on a vinyl record. Ibadan is Nigeria’s 2nd largest city, a cultural and intellectual hotspot, and Jerome’s hometown.
The original Ibadan brand wore green stripes of the Nigerian flag. As the label moved from Brooklyn to Berlin, its sound progressed from African-based house beats to big room techno. We changed the colors to a dark-room red.
IBADAN RECORDS is an independent record label and home to other labels such as Apotek Records and Avocado Records. Founded in 1995, Ibadan carries on the legacy. It continues to be a groundbreaking tastemaker deeply rooted in the influences of colorful New York life as represented in the range of our repertoire. You can always expect nothing but the highest regard for quality.

Ibadan logo and brand assets 
designed for Jerome Sydenham
Anselm Dästner
with a critical heurica moment 
from Guevara Soliman at i/o 360


Jerome Sydenham and Christine Petersen


logos, brand assets, record covers, social media presence<