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I co-founded a monthly print magazine entitled “Flyer” with a circulation of 100,000, which ran from 1998 to about 2003. It was a free monthly guide to urban culture. Conveniently pocket-sized and filled with concise information, the magazine took a look at life in and outside of New York’s thriving club world.
These are some of its covers:

promotional first postcard to announce Flyer magazine in 1998


co-founder, creative director


layout, pre-press,



A lost art form. A way to promote parties, raves, and events before the internet. In a short period of pre-Guilliani club culture that took place in clubs like “The Tunnel”, “Limelight”, “Roxy”, “Sound Factory”, “Vinyl”, “Wetlands”, “Twilo” with parties named “Nasa”, “Konkrete Jungle”, “Park Rave Maddness”, “Jungle Nation”, “Body & Soul”.


Kathe and Mac McFarlane, Alan Sanctuary, DJ Seoul, Sina Molaan, Mike Bindra, Scott from Park Rave Maddness, Dara and the Breakbeat Science Crew, Scotto, Tom Mello, Jonathan Kadish, and Scott Richmond from Satelite Records,


design a flyer that will promote the event and create credibility for the promoters, the event, its fans, guests, the club, and the scene.

I also found this article in Mixer magazine that mentioned Bodie and my flyer design for the Tunnel.