We recently opened a pop-up store on the Lower East Side at 616 East 9th st in New York City.

BOYZandGirls is a gender-fluid street-style fashion brand based in the Lower East Side, #nyc. You can find us at www.boyzandgirls.com, and on Instagram @boyzandgirlsdesign

BOYZandGIRLS Is a Gender-Fluid Fashion Brand inspired by the everyday Casual Street Style of The very Art-Based Lower East Side

Go to: www.boyzandgirls.com

BOYZandGIRLS Es una Linea de Ropa Casual y A la misma vez Callejero” Que te permite ser tu mismo sin ninguna restrinccion de genero. Inspirado en En El Barrio Mas artistico y Cultural de Manhattan.

Visitanos a: www.boyzandgirls.com

BOYZandGirls ist eine street-style Kleidermarke die gender-fluid ist, also kein Grenzen an Komfort oder Konventionen setzt. Unsere styles basieren auf der Kunst und der Stimmung der Lower East Side in New York City. Falls Ihr dort seid, kommt bitte einfach mal vorbei zu unserem Laden, 616 east 9th street, NYC.

Link : www.boyzandgirls.com

BOYZandGIRLS is a gender-fluid fashion brand inspired by the casual street style of New York City.

The original idea of BOYZandGIRLS was born 25 years ago during the height of New York City’s club culture. Our first promotional projects included artwork for the Limelight, the Tunnel, Twilo, and MTV.

A group of boys and girls started an office in a 1‑bedroom apartment in Loisaida, Lower East Side making a living out of design, art, and entertainment, promoting parties and events for clubs and concert venues taking over New York City, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Berlin —and shortly we became world-wide. BOYZandGIRLS co-created Flyer magazine, a printed monthly club guide with a circulation of 100.000 copies, conveniently pocket-sized and filled with concise information. The magazine took a look at life in and out of New York’s thriving club culture.

Today, 25 years later, BOYZandGIRLS is reborn into an official fashion brand supporting a gender-fluid, anarchistic, art-based lifestyle. From the beginning, BOYZandGIRLS embraced diversion, cultural acceptance, and tolerance, making the brand a statement to any generation before and after.

Our pop-up shop is currently being displayed at the 616 East 9th Street art gallery. We host an open studio called “Factory Friday” from 5–9 pm every Friday. Check out our website at www.BOYZandGIRLS.com and follow us on www.instagram.com/boyzandgirlsdesign.