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while we were filming interviews with Thomas and Steven, Kreg and Carol are discussing Type at TDC.


Parsons Continuing and Professional Education
UX Design for Emerging Platforms


6‑week asynchronous online class

some assignment work of re-designing webpages:


and a future technology idea

5/3/21: guest Anuj Shresta

4/7/21: guest: Tundi Szasz, insta, linkedin,,

: Kimberley Sampson, designed to create, a former student about how to succeed in interviews
03/17/21: Roy Morrison, photographer on how to take a good self-portrait


03/03/21: we needed writing help, we got answers, from Gabriel Don, writer, and creative writing coach, and teacher, thank you so much:

03/24/21: We were so blessed to meet with Shyama Golden and to hear her explain more about the ‘magical realism’ of her illustrations and her career. It was a big highlight of this Associate Degrees Pratt Institute course to have you as a guest. Thank you!

also, this is about her amazing work: Vimeo

Astrid Metta, Dana Baumgartner, Elle McNamara, Pete Gibson, Lucca Salomone, Klaude de Castro

02/17/21: guests: Samoel González and Mirko Velimirovic Iverson, good friends from

02/03/21: Illustrator and master’s class instructor John Jay Cabuay about how to make a living as an illustrator

02/10/21: Another really cool guest: Faride Mereb, Venezuelan editor and graphic designer, book designer, and all-out-awesome person:


quick update: Alex wanted to have a new look and simplified his portfolio

Alex Aikiu is a French artist exploring different fields of creativity from painting, music, styling to art and video direction.
He started his career as a musician and began styling in NYC shortly after.
He collaborated with artists like Björk, Grace Jones, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake… brands like Chanel, Kenzo and worked with french artist Jean-Paul Goude for many years.
In the meantime, he released his first music album under the name «The Aikiu» through Sony Jive / Epic. Most recently he has taken his expertise into the realm of video direction and revealing soon his photography.

website and brand design, 
Anselm Dästner


Alex Aikiu, Paris


responsive website with tiled galleries, video and audio sections; and, a cool javascript background.

Ibadan Records was founded in 1995 in New York.
The logo combines the Nigerian national symbol of an antelope combined into a musical note and a stylized vinyl record.
Ibadan record’s earliest years of the acoustic, afro-tinged house to the Pan-African Electro of the 10″ series to the more recent explorations into Techno and TechHouse, the sound of Ibadan has always pioneered new directions in dance.

logo design, 
Anselm Dästner


Jerome Sydenham


logos, record cover designs, vinyl decals, stickers, stamps, social media banners,


Michal Sobkowiak is a pianist from Poland living, performing, and teaching in Tokyo, Japan.

He is famous for playing Chopin, which is also one of my favorite composers.

I met him after I had a Pecha Kucha presentation at Cafe Deluxe in Roppongi, Tokyo.

He became a great client, and I have done numerous flyers for his performances. The latest project is the Japan Jazz Pop Piano Competition (JJPP). I enjoy these design jobs because they need to be both outrageous and informative. In Japan, flyers always need to have a map with detailed directions. They usually contain a lot of information about what to expect at the event, biographies, and sponsors.

I remember one night I held a good-bye party at the house in Sasazuka, Tokyo. He arrived late and as always with a hand full of exciting friends. The house has a grand piano. Ida wanted to sleep, so he opened the grand piano’s lid and played only the strings. It was truly unique, but Ida woke up anyway.

more leaflets for Michal

logo design, 
Anselm Dästner


Michal Sobkoviak, pianist


print posters, flyers, programs, website design


Apotheke means pharmacy in German. Mixing this with the word Techno is a prescription to a Berlin-style techno record label.
The images used are of white marble counters, old medicine bottle labels, prescription papers and the Rod of Asclepius, Greek medicine and health care symbol.

logo design, 
Anselm Dästner


Jerome Sydenham


logos, record cover designs, vinyl decals, stickers, stamps, social media banners,


Desvio Records, also known as Slam Mode, NY house legends, on a more eclectic ambient note with their new label Desvio.

logo design, 
Anselm Dästner


Angel Rodrigues


logo, record cover designs, vinyl decals, social media banners,


Oscar & Jessica Poche’s Media Service has been around for decades.
they organize events, promote record launches, Radio promotion, and music publishing. A NY institution.

logo design, 
Anselm Dästner


Oscar Poche


logos, stickers, social media banners,


Monique Bingham’s Record label Bigga Sounds:
it’s a deep house, with a big voice. Right now she is touring a lot in South Africa. Tour dates on the website (proudly designed by me)

logo design, 
Anselm Dästner


Monique Bingham


logos, stickers, social media banners,


Radio promotion for dance music. “If house was a nation, JoeB would be president”.


Joe B


logos, stickers, social media banners,



Part of the new eScholastic are launched now:

fav icon design


Orbital for Scholastic


UI design for the new website, UI fro the Scholastic Digital Manager platform

I was mostly working on the UI for the accounts pages, which will hopefully launch soon

Corporate, Pharma, Business

as a freelance UI designer for agencies

and Pharma advertising at Juice:

Disney, Realty, Music Marketing, Energy

Produced by Rick Casey, joe Berinato, and Michael Rosen


Tunji Dada and Zolaykha Sherzad’s websites


over the course of 20 years, I have worked on plenty of Viacom websites

Music websites and Merchant websites

smaller websites for individual clients

and the latest website projects are here


(coming soon)

Jerome Sydenham founded Ibadan Records in 1996, and I designed the brand and logo. The logo has abstracted the horns of an antelope, Nigeria’s national symbol, and a musical note on a vinyl record. Ibadan is Nigeria’s 2nd largest city, a cultural and intellectual hotspot, and Jerome’s hometown.
The original Ibadan brand wore green stripes of the Nigerian flag. As the label moved from Brooklyn to Berlin, its sound progressed from African-based house beats to big room techno. We changed the colors to a dark-room red.
IBADAN RECORDS is an independent record label and home to other labels such as Apotek Records and Avocado Records. Founded in 1995, Ibadan carries on the legacy. It continues to be a groundbreaking tastemaker deeply rooted in the influences of colorful New York life as represented in the range of our repertoire. You can always expect nothing but the highest regard for quality.

Ibadan logo and brand assets 
designed for Jerome Sydenham
Anselm Dästner
with a critical heurica moment 
from Guevara Soliman at i/o 360


Jerome Sydenham and Christine Petersen


logos, brand assets, record covers, social media presence<

2021 Typography photos that I posted on Instagram with the hashtags #parsonstypes#vernaculartypographyafari #typesafari #typography #typographicsnyc #nyctypography #anselmdastner #vernacularphotography

Yup, that happened, and it looks so professional:

here is a recent interview that the New School just published:
and the ‘sizzle’ reel:

Thanks, Robert Fazio, Jody Malordy, Laura Nitz, Joanna Blaz, Rachel Wolff, David Prentice, Fabian Freire, Alison Gragnano, and everyone at the Parsons Certificate Program.

and, spotted in the NY Times:

and on insa:

2021’s New Year’s Card is a silkscreen print using a typeface that I am currently designing for fun. They are all a little different. Those idiosyncrasies of silk screen printing make every print an original. I allowed and encouraged them to be different; If I didn’t like a batch of cards I would overprint it again and again until it looked right or right-ish. If you had been nice this year you might find one in your mail:

So, here are some of the cards

Build and organize your portfolio for college admission through rigorous assignments and critiques in this hands-on live session online design studio. Learn how to reproduce your work in digital media, an application requirement at many art schools. This section is dedicated to those students who wish to focus on graphics, fashion, product, and other areas of design. Through skill-building exercises, experimentation, and research-based projects, students develop a personal vision and learn what is expected in a portfolio. Digital workshops inform students about best practices for documenting and presenting finished projects. Students gain skills in communicating about their work in group discussions and learn to offer feedback to peers through critique. This course requires access to an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription (not included). Prerequisite: art and design experience.

Srujana Achyutuni

I am a fashion design aspirant from India. Indian culture and tradition are all about its extravagance, which is clearly visible in my designs. My fashion design style is haute couture design, keeping in mind the trickle-up effect from street styles to high fashion and luxury. Haute couture designing is a dying or art form and is soon to be replaced by high fashion Street styles, which is a shame. I aim to be one of the designers who try to revive it and have my own couture and RTW ( prét-a-Porter) label
one day.

Rabiya Akter

I enjoy creating fashion-related art pieces. My inspiration comes from dark pastel colors, fashion photography, jewelry, florals, nature, and etc. I like experimenting with different materials. I was born in Bangladesh but I grew up in New York City. I started to take art more seriously in high school because I had access to the equipment and supplies that I wanted to experiment with for my art pieces. I also enjoy photography, sketching, and drawing when I have time and jewelry I’ve been making for years for fun. I started making bigger jewelry design pieces in 2019 because I had access to more new materials. So making jewelry is a type of way that I express myself. I use bold colors in my pieces sometimes I also paint in my art pieces. In the future, I definitely want to try teaching and I want art to be a part of my life as well.

Colin Campbell

My name is Colin Campbell. As an artist, I aim to inspire many people like me, who are still discovering who they are. While encountering obstacles in life, I take advantage of those moments and put them into the art I create. Some of the ways I love to convey a message are through fashion and painting. With fashion, I try to manipulate the fabric in a way that connects to the emotions I’ve had during a period of time. I also enjoy using colors and textures to help portray it as well.

Emma Cooper

James Draudt

I am James Draudt and I am an artist and designer with an extreme passion and drive for fashion design. I am very interested in how fashion impacts society, as well as how society impacts fashion. I use fashion symbols such as color, fabric, texture, and silhouette in my work to represent and spread ideas on social issues and problems dealing with constraints. I feel like today’s generation is finding new and amazing ways to break out of the social norms dealing with things such as body standards, jobs, and ways of looking at work and I feel that through my work I help explore these ideas. I plan to continue my fashion studies and create pieces and art that show my true creative passion and representation for a new generation of thinkers!

Yanik Evers-McKoy

Yilin Li

To capture the analogy between individuals and nature by using various art mediums with personal experiences. The art mediums range from physical to virtual work and promote environmentalism. My work engages in femininity, growth, and self-heal. It creates thoughts about how society and community affect us into an actual, metaphorical depiction.

Shane Mitchell

Art isn’t something you look it’s a language that u speak to another person without saying a word to them. The person that thought me this was my art teacher. She also said that every artist is amateur until they find their inner self and find a way to fully express themselves.

Yazmin Montes

Art is personality; when you can’t say who you are, you can show it through art. In my artwork, I show my personality, moods, my boldness working with colors. I like to capture the beauty in simple things/ objects, design/ sew garments with shapes and compositions. But whether it is through photography, fashion design, painting, design overall. I make sure each body of work shows my true colors, character, and exhibits of my themes and issues I choose to display.

Evelin Morales

One holds power in their artistic vision one is gifted with the ability to foresee an idea and expand on it by demonstrating thoughts, dreams, visions, ideas visually. Art is something one is grateful for; it can be a form of speech and impact others by showing their ideology on the media the artist desires. My work consists of a mixture of two favorite hobbies of mine, gaming, and Designing.

Isabella Pesce

One thing that I have learned throughout my journey in fine art is that artists infuse a piece of their own character into their work. All artist’s work is unique. Every piece produced inhibits a style and character that reflects the artist. Reflecting on myself as an artist, I feel most of my training has lied where my interests have taken me, which has been interior design and architecture. I think I gravitated towards interior design and architecture because I interact with them in my life in my home, stores, school, and just about everywhere you can imagine. I am also intrigued by how things are put together and how you can envision and design from the inside and out and vice versa. I think that exploring shapes and various textures is very important.

Isabella Pesce

One thing that I have learned throughout my journey in fine art is that artists infuse a piece of their own character into their work. All artist’s work is unique. Every piece produced inhibits a style and character that reflects the artist. Reflecting on myself as an artist, I feel most of my training has lied where my interests have taken me, which has been interior design and architecture. I think I gravitated towards interior design and architecture because I interact with them in my life in my home, stores, school, and just about everywhere you can imagine. I am also intrigued by how things are put together and how you can envision and design from the inside and out and vice versa. I think that exploring shapes and various textures is very important and leads to the birth of interesting details. One thing that I especially enjoy about interior design is being able to experiment with various styles and forms and being able to pull from them and compose a completely different space. Whether you used a contrast or complementary visual, every piece of work I put together is diverse and unique in its own way. I love using patterns and themes in my work. I have designed and composed both hand sketches and digital drafts of homes and other buildings, as well as building 3D models of them. I also provide a palette of the theme I intend for each building. When people look at my work, I want them to think that what: put together is elaborate and flavorful. Different color schemes give me the power to design something to look either more delicate and elegant or more abstract and bold.
I like to incorporate multiple styles and don’t like to get locked into pulling from just one. Before putting my artwork together, I do some research and get inspired. I hope that one day, my art will be recognized by multiple people and hope that I’ve learned to build up more of a unique sense of style so that one can direct my focus on having my
own unique style that stands out from the rest.

Laini Spaights

Samuel Stember

Riley Stump

Richard Sung

When words can not state an idea, I use my art as a form of expression and communication. My art takes inspiration from a mix of literary references, vintage aesthetics, fantasy elements, as well as my personal experiences. As an artist, I can visualize a concept or idea and materialize it. This allows me to tell stories, whether it is my story and someone else’s.

Jinling Zheng

What people have experienced shapes who they are. The environment that they grow up in shapes their personality. I am always interested in mental health. Every individual is independent and unique. I love to show my thoughts and emotions through my artwork. Most of my work was based on my emotions during the process of making it. Sometimes the color changes when my emotions are changed. I feel like my art pieces are just like my emotions. They were unique and reflected my emotions. I enjoyed making art because it released my feelings to help me keep my secret. For example, for the first piece of my artwork, “Me” I address the issue of the LGBTQ, the rich color of the rainbow, and the mood I show is the joy when I tell my view that I’m a member of the LGBTQ community. I also made sculptures. The 3D-looking hand with a string shows the relationship between me and the world. Overall, I express my feelings and idea through my artworks; it shows my emotions.

The Pratt Institute’s AOS program has a large game design program that, along with Illustration and Graphic Design, requires an introduction of 2 semesters of UX/UI. I am instructing for the first semester. User experience design is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product. This course provides students with a general overview of User Experience Design(“UX”) and User Interface Design (“UI”), paying special attention to mobile usage contexts and building a career in the field.

We completed 3 large assignments along with many small exercises. The first assignment is a redesign of an existing webpage, or a detail of it, considering how to evaluate, research, re-build, and improve the user experience and user interface design. The second assignment is to build an actual website using HTML& CSS. The third piece is a one-sheet for a future technology or app, without any restrictions. You might want to listen to Willy Nelson songs, look at Astrid’s beautiful photography, or rub a cat belly. Here are some stills from the class of 2020:

2021 class

2021 all Ux/UI classes were a hybrid of online and in-class, using the canvas platform and zoom.

Fall 2021 Wed

Coleby Acker

Lisette Andrade

Alejandro Espina

Robin Jee

Gaeun Jeong

Wahca Waste Win McNeil

Jessie Meng

Caroline Reedy

Calvin Tan

Yuning Wang

Sara Zimmerman

Fall 2021 Thu

Simon Barnes

Stephanie Chen

Yi Chen

Connor Coughlin

Harlis Feimster

Kimberly Hong

Anna Ju

Soo Min Jung 

Nia Raissian

Dido Wang

Ximu Wei

Yi An Zhou 


And Thanks! to the fabulous guest speakers this semester who were:

Anthony Wallace on Conversion (92 dream)

Cythia BrosnanWeb Design

2020 class

2020 all Ux/UI classes were fully online, using the canvas platform and zoom.

Fall 2020 Wed

Klaude De Castro

Helen Escobar

Pete Gibson

Julia Grippo

Elle McNamara

Julia Pines

Eloise Yalovitser

Fall 2020 Thu

Lona Adelphonce

Dana Baumgartner

Astrid Metta

Monica Trusha Phadnis

Lucca Salomone

Natalie Summers


And Thanks! to the fabulous guest speakers this semester who were:

Cindy Ahura on Web Design (Blam Partners)

Jürgen Salenbacher on Design for Good (CPB lab Barcelona)

Jamie Mustard on Blocks (the Iconist)

Gene Huang on Interaction Design (Whitney museum)

Anthony Wallace on Conversion (92 dream)

Ivana Randelhover on Game UX (portfolio, Ubisoft)

Jamie Edwards on Blockchain (linkedin)


Here is an outline:

Trying to keep everyone busy:

The zoom meetings are going well and I invited some guests. The first guest was Cindy Ahura, a UX designer who I met through Paul Boag’s UX Friday mixers.

Jamie Mustard is probably one of the best guests one could ever have in class. We at Pratt are humbled at his energy and he has an important message to students and every creative out there. In his book ‘The Iconist’ ( he describes how blocks help us to stand out and find our personal style. Great book, great guest, great person! THANKS!
Associate Degrees Pratt Institute, #prattinstitute, #uxuidesign, #iconist, #graphicdesign, #anselmdastner Astrid Metta, Julia Grippo


Fall 2019 Wed

Varun Mundra

Sabrina Yoo

Rachel Lee

Sean Williams

Emma Welch

Wendy Li

Scott Stegman

Cameron Aime

Phillip Yeldell

Daniel Herrera

Nikolai Glukhov

Nicole Schiulaz

Guest Speaker: Reid Hitt, Expand the Room

Fall 2019 Thu

Ally L. Bechtold

Alexander J.Caldwell

Jamie Edwards

Amber L. Garcia

Jean C. Gil

Claire M. Mason

Jassiel D. Philis

Bryan J. Willis

Candy Zhu

Mia Hong

Mofana Morojele

Guest Speaker: Reiko Sugitani, American Express Card

This is the Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon UX/UI class. We discuss why some websites work better than others, and why some look better than others too, how conventions make it easier and how to research and test conversions. For the first gib assignment, we re-designed a web page. Next, we study how a URL works on a server, and how to use HTML and CSS. After writing a concept and making mood boards for a simple webpage we build it using CSS grid and HTML, with some simple javaScript. The last assignment, it’s a one-sheet for a future technology that we wish we could invent.

assignments: 1. redesign a website, 2. build a working HTML microsite, 3. Future Technology

2018 Students

Fall 2019 Wed

Fall 2019 Thu

Fall 2019 Guests

We are trying to keep the garden open as much as possible. Made an open/closed sign for La Plaza Cultural de Armando Perez. Also, look at the website I made for the garden: