The Pratt Institute’s AOS program has a large game design program that, along with Illustration and Graphic Design, requires an introduction of 2 semesters of UX/UI. I am instructing for the first semester. User experience design is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product. This course provides students with a general overview of User Experience Design(“UX”) and User Interface Design (“UI”), paying special attention to mobile usage contexts and building a career in the field.

We completed 3 large assignments along with many small exercises. The first assignment is a redesign of an existing webpage, or a detail of it, considering how to evaluate, research, re-build, and improve the user experience and user interface design. The second assignment is to build an actual website using HTML& CSS. The third piece is a one-sheet for a future technology or app, without any restrictions. You might want to listen to Willy Nelson songs, look at Astrid’s beautiful photography, or rub a cat belly. Here are some stills from the class of 2020:

This semester all Ux/UI classes are fully online, using the canvas platform and zoom.


Fall 2020 Wed

Klaude De Castro

Helen Escobar

Pete Gibson

Julia Grippo

Elle McNamara

Julia Pines

Eloise Yalovitser

Fall 2020 Thu

Lona Adelphonce

Dana Baumgartner

Astrid Metta

Monica Trusha Phadnis

Lucca Salomone

Natalie Summers


And Thanks! to the fabulous guest speakers this semester who were:

Cindy Ahura on Web Design (Blam Partners)

Jürgen Salenbacher on Design for Good (CPB lab Barcelona)

Jamie Mustard on Blocks (the Iconist)

Gene Huang on Interaction Design (Whitney museum)

Anthony Wallace on Conversion (92 dream)

Ivana Randelhover on Game UX (portfolio, Ubisoft)

Jamie Edwards on Blockchain (linkedin)


Here is an outline:

Trying to keep everyone busy:

The zoom meetings are going well and I invited some guests. The first guest was Cindy Ahura, a UX designer who I met through Paul Boag’s UX Friday mixers.

Jamie Mustard is probably one of the best guests one could ever have in class. We at Pratt are humbled at his energy and he has an important message to students and every creative out there. In his book ‘The Iconist’ ( he describes how blocks help us to stand out and find our personal style. Great book, great guest, great person! THANKS!
Associate Degrees Pratt Institute, #prattinstitute, #uxuidesign, #iconist, #graphicdesign, #anselmdastner Astrid Metta, Julia Grippo


Fall 2019 Wed

Varun Mundra

Sabrina Yoo

Rachel Lee

Sean Williams

Emma Welch

Wendy Li

Scott Stegman

Cameron Aime

Phillip Yeldell

Daniel Herrera

Nikolai Glukhov

Nicole Schiulaz

Guest Speaker: Reid Hitt, Expand the Room

Fall 2019 Thu

Ally L. Bechtold

Alexander J.Caldwell

Jamie Edwards

Amber L. Garcia

Jean C. Gil

Claire M. Mason

Jassiel D. Philis

Bryan J. Willis

Candy Zhu

Mia Hong

Mofana Morojele

Guest Speaker: Reiko Sugitani, American Express Card

This is the Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon UX/UI class. We discuss why some websites work better than others, and why some look better than others too, how conventions make it easier and how to research and test conversions. For the first gib assignment, we re-designed a web page. Next, we study how a URL works on a server, and how to use HTML and CSS. After writing a concept and making mood boards for a simple webpage we build it using CSS grid and HTML, with some simple javaScript. The last assignment, it’s a one-sheet for a future technology that we wish we could invent.

assignments: 1. redesign a website, 2. build a working HTML microsite, 3. Future Technology

2018 Students

Fall 2019 Wed

Fall 2019 Thu

Fall 2019 Guests

We are trying to keep the garden open as much as possible. Made an open/closed sign for La Plaza Cultural de Armando Perez. Also, look at the website I made for the garden:

new vinyl plastic business cards.




plastic business cards

Continuing from the existing legacy of Ibadan’s Pan-African sound, Ibadan’s newest imprint, African Express pursues its quest in the sound of the Pan-African diaspora.

For Ida’s middle school graduation I made this t-shirt with the Tompkins Square Middle School Phoenix wearing a mask. Just arrived, and now the graduation team will pack them into each student’s goodie bag along with the diploma.
Btw: It’s an ambigram.


Tompkins Square Middle School


graduation t-shirt

Online Course, at Parsons Open Campus


Parsons School of Art at The New School


6-week asynchronous online class
Interactive Typography

During the six weeks we try out a few code examples in codepen and we build a top 5 microsite of any topic, hopefully with some typography. Then we also create a favicon as the last step.

2020 Typography photos that I posted on Instagram with the hashtags #parsonstypes#vernaculartypographyafari #typesafari #typography #typographicsnyc #nyctypography #anselmdastner #vernacularphotography


is a website for the children’s book author Frank Berrios. In his latest book Miles Morales: Spider-Man swings into his first-ever Little Golden Book!

I wanted to keep the look professional, warm, and approachable. For the typography, Frank liked a slab-serif for the headlines, and I chose my friend Steven Nixon’s “Recursive” font for the text as a font with a hand-written feel to it.

I also paid attention to make it Web Accessibility Compliant and optimized the pictures using lazy loading. It is responsive to all screen sizes and set-up with https.


Author Frank Berrios


website, WordPress Theme design using wp-rig with node, composer dependencies and gulp browser sync, minified CSS, variables, component functions and embeded typography for the most economic and fastest set-up yet*.

*may be a bit overkill for this small project but I wanted to learn WordPress Theme Building and php better

Cameron M. Aime, Nicholas Chong, Jamie Edwards, Reina Faust, Daniel R. Herrera, Wendy Li, Mofana L. Morojele, Kimberley Sampson, Scott J. Stegman, Angel M. Yeldell

Guest Tyler Askew

Guest Genevieve Williams:

With just a little pride I like to brag that I am a volunteer teaching instructor at the New School TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages) program:

Soon after we hot the COVID19 pandemic and all classes were moved online.

and the corona group, assisting with Christopher Nazzaro


February 2020:

Today, I was teaching my first English class. No, you read this correctly: teaching English. I started a masters program at Parsons and teaching a class is part of my Methods class. At first, I was supposed to be observing a few classes, but the main teacher needed a substitute this week and so, two days before the class- I had to talk about English grammar to an intermediate class. I hope I didn’t waste their time.

It’s a really cool free Outreach Program at The New School.

2020 Typography photos that I posted on Instagram with the hashtags #parsonstypes#vernaculartypographyafari #typesafari #typography #typographicsnyc #nyctypography #anselmdastner #vernacularphotography

2021 Typography photos that I posted on Instagram with the hashtags #parsonstypes#vernaculartypographyafari #typesafari #typography #typographicsnyc #nyctypography #anselmdastner #vernacularphotography