oh yes, we will have a workshop with Nikita, making ambigrams, or monograms, and letterforms.

Online Course, at Parsons Open Campus

the team:

We were filming interviews with Faride Mereb and Samoel González and Jenny Lai; Kreg filmed and edited the videos, and Sam worked as the producer for Parsons.

Digital Layout: Adobe InDesign 


Parsons Continuing and Professional Education


9‑week asynchronous online class

Finally, they arrived!

The shirt is inspired by Rolando Politi’s Winter Flowers (the art recycled sculptured flowers along the front side of La Plaza). This is a new shirt for the 2021 season. This is a cooperation with Juriel Furukawa who made the design flowers shapes. The color is a deep purple described as “Blackberry” and these “day glow” colors are pink and electric green. They do look great on you!

All proceeds are donated to the new solar pavilion at La Plaza. Please let me know if you like to pick up a shirt at the garden

and for sale in my shop:

cleaned out a few boxes on the attic, as well as some nice pics around Freiburg, Hochburg, Hohrod, and Bodensee.

what I will miss a lot, besides the great company of family and friends, is the air and sights on the morning runs:

2021 Typography photos that I posted on Instagram with the hashtags #parsonstypes #vernaculartypographyafari #typesafari #typography #typographicsnyc #nyctypography #anselmdastner #vernacularphotography

a few from Germany:

Sorry, we got kicked out eventually (x‑mas day) due to a rent hike that would have almost doubled my rent, and it would have been month-to-month with an aggressive and intimidating broker Sam (that took pictures of me without asking) looking for even more rent.
We are sorry to not have the office on 64 Allen Street anymore. it was a beautiful space with a really great group of creative people and surrounded by new artwork every day.
But with some more people leaving, the steep rent-hike, and the short-term certainty it didn’t make sense and now we are packing up. 

Sharing the space with two amazing illustrators, and a filmmaker, it’s going to be creative!
(btw: we’re still looking to find one more person to rent a table here. someone creative and enjoying an environment of artists, illustrators, and graphic design, teachers, no promoters this time :))

Kenichiro Hoshi asked me if he could use one of my drawings as a cover for his latest single.
This drawing is from Kichijoji, a town on the west side of Tokyo) while waiting for him at the station (Inogashira Park side).
On iTunes today: https://t.co/lIXlVaOC1f

Preview for the radio shows of a single that will be on iTunes February 2018.

For my friend Kadidja I made these labels and simplified her logo.
these are available on the website that she is hosting at https://www.kadidja.nyc/, as well as the Tompkin’s Square farmers market.

Online Course, at Parsons Open Campus

the team:

while we were filming interviews with Thomas and Steven, Kreg and Carol are discussing Type at TDC.


Parsons Continuing and Professional Education
UX Design for Emerging Platforms


6‑week asynchronous online class

some assignment work of re-designing webpages:


and a future technology idea