A Times-less showcase of cutting-edge work from 44 leading type designers. The flourishing of small type foundries has created a newfound interest in how contemporary typefaces can be used in actual designs. Cool Type shows how it’s done through the provocative work of some of today’s best type designers.– contains innovative designs from Chip Kidd, Fred Woodward, Bruce Mau, Why Not Associates and 40 other modern type artists– features a foreword from Carlos Segura and an afterword from Rick Valicenti, designers who have helped set the pace for modern American typography– includes bios, designs that show typefaces in action, and information on how the typeface in each piece was created or manipulated– complete with a directory of where to buy the featured typefaces

Some of my type designs are featured in a book about Extreme Font Design.
Finally, the incredible design transformation of the alphabet is given its proper due. The global explosion of type houses is increasing the accessibility and variety of fonts everywhere, allowing virtually anyone to make unique design statements with type. More than 40 of the most innovative type designers and font houses proudly showcase their most exciting font alphabets-many of them never seen before in print as well as showing their use in design applications that reach well beyond the ABC’s. Additional value is derived in the explanation of their creative thinking that went into each design.
published by Spencer Drate
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my work at i/o 360.

At the end of the ’90s, it was a significant surge of websites, and MTV had one of the first ones. When the art director Manabu Inada at Viacom picked up one of my nightclub flyers, he contacted me and asked if I would be his assistant working on one of MTV’s first websites. The manga anime movie Ghost in the shell had just come out and greatly influenced the design.

At some point, MTV even tried to build its own search engine, called “UnfURLed”




first websites. micro sites

I kept on working as a graphic designer for MTV projects, a search engine called Unfurled, the reality shows The Hills, as well as websites for CMT, a band competition portal called Addicted 2 Noise, a video portal for Madonna, and parts of the MTV website.