For Khairi at Recess New York (


— Coma: Lora (Robag Whruhme Remix)
— Dan Noel: Fiel De Lune
— Cajoo: Things Behind (Original Mix)
— Cajoo: Things Behind (Jimpster Mix)
— Donato Dozzy & Tin Man: Test 7
— Lomez, Dimes: Shade (Deaf Pillow Remix)
— Cally: Close Your Eyes
— Sasazuka train noises

Good work music!



Local coffee roaster Murara asked me to design the logo, business card, and website. Unfortunately he never came through with starting his coffee business, but i think it’s a stellar logo.

logo design, 
Anselm Dästner




logo design

The ultra-talented, spirited, super nice singer Monique Bingham is on stage at various places around the globe and I made a website and a t‑shirt that is on sale at her gigs. Here, she is with DJ Black Coffee on a South Africa tour.


Monique Bingham


t‑shirt design, record cover design, web design, logo design 

Bigga logo
Monique logo

Best of the Last Album

Huge record project coming out on House Africa and Bigga Sounds US. Monique’s “Best of the Last” anthology.
The release party was at Cielo, NY with Louie Vega’s RootsNYC. Clips of the live performance to be posted shortly. I can only say that it was magnificent in the Deephouse family spirit. We all love her.

Take Me to My Love Ralf Gum, Ralf Gum radio edit (3:23)
Run Shake The Dog (7:14)
Deep in the Bottom (of Africa) Black Coffee (6:33)
Elevator (Going Up) Louie Vega Louie Vega Mix (5:05)
Kissing Strangers Ralf Gum, Ralf Gum & Crisp Original Club Mix (4:27)
You Can’t Have New York Quentin Harris, Shelter Anthem Vocal Mix (7:17)
Little W. 12th St. Ralf Gum, Ralf Gum Main Mix (6:46)
Pure Blue 6, Jay’s Original Vocal (4:25)
Don’t You Love Me Sir Piers, Original Full-Length Main Mix (7:35)
Flight Studio Apartment, Nulife Vocal Mix (5:50)
Bloody Lucky Monique Bingham, Chymamusique Remix (6:47)
Now What Matthias Heilbronn, Matty’s Soul Flower Mix (6:47)
Won’t Stop DunnEasy, dunnEasy Club Mix (6:26)

Good Morning Karizma (2:26)
In the Morning Kerri Chandler, Final Raw Mix (6:17)
Do it Shake The Dog (4:36)
You Me World Monique Bingham, Distant Music Mix (5:32)
Poor People Quentin Harris (7:41)
The Pap Ralf Gum, Ralf Gum Main Mix (5:48)
Gets You Off Todd Terry (3:55)
(We Had) a Thing Abstract Truth, Matty’s Body and Soul (3:23)
Go-Getter Matthias Heilbronn, Soul Flower Mix (6:31) 
Outta Sight DJ Christos, Main Mix (5:57)
Pride DJ Pepsi (6:26)
Get Another Plan Abstract Truth, Original Mix (4:19)
(We Had) a Thing Abstract Truth, Original Version (6:21)

at Lincoln Park, NJ

Monique Bingham performing, Saturday, July 28, at the Lincoln Park Music Festival. House Music Day. I silk-screened T‑shirts for her.

Single “Bloody Lucky

Setagaya mix after returning to New York. Quite with tracks from Benny (Catenaccio Records, Berlin) when we met in Setagaya, Tokyo.

Pecha Kucha means Shaw-and-Tell in Japanese. The event with this name was founded by the architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham in Tokyo. PechaKucha’s 20x20 presentation format shows your 20 chosen images, each for 20 seconds. So you can present 20 slides and get 20 secs to talk about each slide. Here is my presentation at Cafe Deluxe in Roponghi:

Presenting at Pecha Kucha, 
Anselm Dästner


slideshow about a project, great networking event in Tokyo, Japan 

Left: Bikes in front of the old Shimokitazawa station
Right: Zoom from the government building observation platform
Bottom Left: Sasazuka train station
Bottom Right: Food Stands in a park
The clips were taken using an iPhone attachment lens and stabilized + color-corrected in After Effects.
2015: Driving the last turn into Shinjuku is always the best:

stills of DVD and Blu-ray menu designs:


Critereon Collection, AM-DVD, Luminous 7, Giant Interactive, Crush Video, SonyDADC, Oscilloscope, MTV


DVD and Blu-Ray Menu design, motion menus, trailers, Special Features 

An underground movement founded on electronic dance music and a utopian vision, the global phenomenon is known as rave culture has proven a well-spring of some wildly innovative graphic design. This valuable sourcebook, featuring the very best examples of club flyers created to promote raves, is unrivaled in documenting the distinctive visual style of the American techno scene. The book provides a brief overview of the history of the American rave scene, explores how graphic sensibilities vary regionally, and chronicles the progression of styles, forms, and means of production in flyer design, from crude photocopy to extravagant five-color foldout. Artistically inspiring, this book is also a record of the parties themselves, as the flyers include dates, locations, and names of DJs, bands, promoters, and sponsors.
The Earth Program is a New York-based multimedia firm that owns two record labels, produces rave events, and specializes in high-tech graphic design.
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Joel and the Earth Program


Rave Flyers

FOUNDation: Transforming Found Objects into Digital Assemblage showcases the work of more than thirty internationally recognized designers who have used found objects to inspire their digitally generated designs. Featured designers include Chip Kidd, Stefan Sagmeister, Chase Design Group, Cream01 Federation, and more. Each innovative design — ranging from posters to Web sites, fonts, skateboards, and t‑shirts — is paired with text from the designer elaborating on how the piece was made, special effects used, and the creative process behind it all.


Spencer Drate


flyers and poster designs

Designers are always in need of new books to help spark their imagination and fill their work with fresh ideas. This guide delivers all that and more with examples of today’s most earth-shattering design and illustration achievements from 40 top designers. Extreme Design also helps designers incorporate its ideas into their own work by providing practical information on the concept and development of every design. From brochures to print ads to CD covers, Extreme Design features work from the world’s most innovative design houses, including Chris Ashworth, Why Not Associates, Graphic Havoc, Sayuri Studio, Attik, and many others. It is a must-have idea book for every graphic artist and designer because its inspiration goes beyond the visual.
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