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A huge thank you to Gowanus Studio Space for providing us with a great space, perfect size for us. And thanks to all the volunteers. graphic banners by Felix Summ, notetaking by Tyler Exum, Mirko Velimirovic Iverson, Maria fro hooking us up with Sam and NAte who run the space, and the great audience.


Cathy Sison
Gerado Torres Davila
Julie Thompson


Gowanus Studio Space, 166 7th street, Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY 
Date: Thursday, nov 30, 2023, 
Time: 6:30–9.30 pm


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Studio Photos

Graphic Design office

photo by Frank Gonzalez 

Studio Photos

Party for the fanzine release “Post No Bills” by Tyler and Alex

photos Samantha Bobbio and Anselm Dästner 

Twenty Paintings by Anna Sauer

Twenty Paintings is the first New York solo show from Anna Sauer, a visual artist based Santa Fe. In this new work, Sauer preserves traces of her dreams on an intimate scale which seep through the paper, leaving ghosts at every turn. The work is both archetypal and immediate, a colorful juxtaposition of snarled nightmares, juicy patterns and luminous flesh. Anna Sauer studied performance art, painting, and art history at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received her BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Influenced by mysticism, psychology, and botany, she creates ethereal worlds where relationships are built and fall apart simultaneously. 

Opening Sept 1, 5:30–8,

Dante’s t‑shirts

printing t‑shirts

silkscreen workshop

the whole process from transferring a design to acetate, screen, and print.

Reuben Shaw of Oxblood Zebra

Pop-up store with custom tailored suits


Reuben Shaw of Oxblood Zebra

on display

custom-tailored suits,

Joachim Marx


The show is on view from May 6th until May 29th. Hours are Saturday and Sunday 12–6, and by appointment.
CRASH : FIGURES is inspired by bike riding in NYC and the crashed cars at the auto body shops around my studio.

The show is made possible by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council with Creative Engagement funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, funds from the NYS Council on the Arts and with support from Transportation Alternatives. Crash data by crashmapper.


Joachim Marx

Gallery opening

May 6th, 5–8pm

Jack Carden

event for his US tour


Anti-artist Jack Carden


prints, original art, posters

Studio Anselm Daster

studio space

Several openings have been hosted since moving into the new studio space at 618, including pop-ups, gallery shows, and small parties. We try to show neighborhood artists and give back to the community and our friends.

1. Black Coffee feat. Zakes Bantwini: Juju
2. De Mthuda: Straight Up
3. K‑Coins & SELTJA: Do yOu
4. China Charmeleon: Hallelujah
5. Lazarusman: Mend It
6. Radic The Myth: Chocolates & Charlette
7. Patlac, Ben Preisinger: The Quiet Wanderer (Pablo Bolivar & Patlac Rework)
8. Black Coffee, Ralf Gum: Gardens of Eden Feat. Zonke (Ralf Gum Vocal Mix)
9. Tortured Soul: Your Body Doesn’t Lie (Fka Mash Re-Glitch Club Mix)
10. Dwson: In Her Eyes (Original Mix)
11. Luka Sio Fka Mash: Just a Taste Fka Mash Afro Glitch The Bliss Beyond
12 lycoriscoris, Powel: In the Stream (Powel Remix)
13 KVRVBO: All | Ever Wanted (Radic The Myth’s ReDub)

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    Type Thursday event at Wix Playground May 11, 2023


    Wix Playground, 100 Gansevoort St, New York, NY 
Date: Thursday, May 11, 2023, 
Time: 6:30–8 pm


    #TypeThursday #NYC #NewYorkCity #NYCEvents #NewYorkCityLife #NYCType #NewYorkCityEvents #NYCTypography #NYCGraphicDesign #GraphicDesign #GraphicDesignEd #GraphicDesignEducation #StrengthInLetters #Letterforms #TogetherWeLetter #Typography #Type #Font #GoodType #TypeGang #Typespire #TypographyInspired #TypeMatters #TypeDesign #ShowUsYourType #typophiles #wix #wixplayground


Design by @___verena_ and @zhar_lqiu




    teach in Philly Typography Three, Space and Time

    With an amazing class trip in NYC, we visited The Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design & Typography and the designer Alexander Tochilovsky did an amazing presentation to all of us. Then, we returned to my studio and had a lovely lunch in the backyard. After lunch, we took the subway to the Japanese Poster Exhibition at Poster House. This is a highlight of this class this semester and I’m looking forward to the next trip with all these wonderful people!




    Typography Three


    Please come to the next event, May 11 or present your work

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      Type Thursday event at Wix Playground April 6, 2023


      Wix Playground, 100 Gansevoort St, New York, NY 
Date: Thursday, April 6, 2023
Time: 6:30–8 pm


      #TypeThursday #NYC #NewYorkCity #NYCEvents #NewYorkCityLife #NYCType #NewYorkCityEvents #NYCTypography #NYCGraphicDesign #GraphicDesign #GraphicDesignEd #GraphicDesignEducation #StrengthInLetters #Letterforms #TogetherWeLetter #Typography #Type #Font #GoodType #TypeGang #Typespire #TypographyInspired #TypeMatters #TypeDesign #ShowUsYourType #typophiles #wix #wixplayground

      typethursdaynyc Our April #TypeThursdayNYC event is on April 6 at @wixplayground!

 RSVP through the link 

Design by @___verena_ and @zhar_lqiu

      2023 Vernacular Typography photos that I posted on Instagram 

      It’s fascinating to see the vernacular of a neighborhood through its marks of ordinary everyday objects that tell an authentic story, and some are just plain beautiful.


      Found Type


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      An opinion piece in the German national newspaper die Zeit ridicules the climate movement (Link to PDF of the article)


      Political Journalism at New School of Social Research CPCJ program with instructor Natasha Lennard


      political media criticism 

      Lützerath was a village in the German Rhineland near Düsseldorf. It was in the way of the last surface coal mine expansion, Garzweiler II. I drove by the area once on the Autobahn toward Amsterdam, and the mine’s canyon is massive, currently spanning 48 km² (30 square miles). Its gigantic excavators leave behind a black, desolate land that strikes one as a scene of an apocalyptic SciFi planet. Lützerath is not an idyllic place worth saving, but it became known as part of the compromise the coalition partners of the Green party and the Social Democrats struck to push Germany’s planned coal power phase-out up by eight years to 2030. As part of the deal, the electric power company RWE was allowed to expand its vast mine swallowing Lützerath. Greens member and German Economy Minister Robert Habeck defended the village’s demolition, arguing that the coal underneath is needed to maintain energy security. Habeck belongs to the fraction of the Greens dubbed the “Realos,” which governs pragmatically, as opposed to the “Fundies” who insist on not undermining the party’s founding, often radical principles. Lützerath is the inflection point that disillusiones many Green voters, especially young ones.

      In a desperate attempt to stop the expansion, demonstrations were organized by climate activist groups like Greenpeace, Last Generation, and Ende Gelände, a German climate justice movement that focuses on direct action and civil disobedience. A Plenarprotokoll documenting the parliamentary proceedings posted on the Greens website mentions that the windows of the Greens party office nearby were smashed. Upon reading this, the far-right AFD rejoiced. Will Lützerrath separate the Green party from its base?

      Puzzled, I browsed the website of the Greens to find some answers. The party was founded in 1980 by the anti-nuclear energy movement near my hometown of Freiburg in South-West Germany, six years before the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster. Over the last few decades, the party has matured out of opposition, growing steadily into a coalition partner with major parties, sometimes even becoming the largest party. Governing requires engaging in constructive dialogue and working together —in my dad’s opinion. He studied in the ’60s and, similar to the US’s civil rights movements, many of those scholars became of what is coined the “Generation ’68” and the founders of the Greens. Generation ‘68 is now the Establishment, and their passive compromises keep contributing to the climate crisis. In climate policy, the government is pushing a mountain of unfinished business in front of it.

      In 2023 police clashed with young protesters in Lützerrath that had set up camps in trees or dug underground tunnels to stop the expansion. Greta Thunberg joined activists in a major demonstration at the site. “This is a betrayal of present and future generations… Germany is one of the biggest polluters in the world and needs to be held accountable,” Thunberg said on a podium at the protest.

      Photo Credit: Protesters at the edge of the open pit mine that ultimately swallowed the village of Lützerath, Germany.

      Unfortunately, in a write-up in “Die Zeit,” a very established national German newspaper, the author asks if “some stories sound so good, they simply have to be true, or? In Lützerath the Greens chase away their kids.” and laments on the routine division of labor between the climate movement’s nagging or impossible demands and the Greens. He explains that politicians form compromises, and activists like Greta Thunberg criticize them, which puts pressure on the politicians to do better next time. The writer, Robert Pausch, scrutinizes the movement’s goals, which, in his opinion, isn’t leading the dialog by example in a crisis that involves all of society, as if he believes that saving the planet aims to threaten humankind. This childish tone ridicules the shocking images we had to see from the violence that ensued by clearing the protest camps.

      In a berating manner, Pausch describes the “ecological protest” movement as “clueless” and then mocks them as maintaining a “strategically clueless” position. He lectures that decisions in democracies are led by applying sensitive pressure to nudge majorities. As an example of an accomplished statesman, he quotes Theodore Roosevelt with union strikers at the end of a meeting: “Okay, you’ve convinced me. Now go out there and bring pressure on me.” Burning coal to produce electricity is one of the absolute biggest climate killers. While the new coalition agreement is indeed the most progressive in history and aims to phase out dirty coal before 2030, any further expansion of coal mining contradicts the Greens’ promise to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. It is critical to take urgent action to reduce burning fossil fuels and limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, as set out in the Paris Agreement. As Europe’s largest emitter of fossil fuels, Germany must take climate activism seriously. Lützerath shows that simply applying pressure with words might not be enough.

      The compromise to continue mining dirty coal is absurd, given the weight of the stakes. If the climate crisis is a burning building, but we can only rescue half of its people inside, it’s not a good compromise for anyone.